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3M™ GA501 Anti-Fogging Goggle

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3M™ GA501 Anti-Fogging Goggle

3M™ GA501 dust and liquid splash goggles (colorless lens, super anti-fog) excellent anti-fog performance, so that you have a clearer vision at work, so as to ensure the safety of your work. ScotchgardTM anti-fog coating is washable and has a longer-lasting anti-fog effect. Detachable headband design, easy to clean. Streamlined design, wider field of vision, good compatibility with other PPE. Products comply with standards: American ANSI Z87.1-2015, China GB14866-2006; Pass ANSI D3 and D4 certification, can be used to protect against liquid splash and dust. The polycarbonate transparent lens can absorb 99.9% of ultraviolet rays. Read more
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Manufacturer: Taiwan

Product SKU: SG3M501



- The anti-fog coating is washable, and the anti-fog effect is longer lasting than typical anti-fogging goggles

- Detachable headband design and easy to clean

- Streamlined design, wider field of vision and good compatibility with other PPE

- Soft frame material and more comfortable to wear



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