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14 Steps Telescopic Ladder [4.1m] [13.45ft]

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14 Steps Telescopic Ladder [4.1m] [13.45ft]

14 Steps Telescopic Ladder [4.1m] [13.45ft] Read more
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Manufacturer: China




- Safety: Every section is designed to open and close safely, without injuring fingers. Non-slip end caps hold it firmly in place while you work, further enhancing its overall safety

- Great Applicability: Unlock each section in 1-foot increments independently to tailor the ladder height to satisfy your needs, such as changing the bulb, cleaning your windows, interior decoration and much more

- Featured Material: Constructed out of corrosion-resistant quality aluminum alloy, this lightweight aluminum ladder can support up to 150Kg (330lbs)

- Easy Portability: At its full length of 13.45 feet, this telescoping ladder retracts to a quarter of its height for easy storage in your car or other limited space

- Considerate Design: Secure the ladder closed with the heavy-duty strap for convenient storage and transport


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