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Is your KN95 safe?

Is your KN95 safe?

What you need to know about your KN95

Lets cut to the chase. There are too many new mask brands that actually do not pass the strict standards of filtration. If your KN95 mask is found here1, you’re safe. If your mask is found here2, you probably don’t want to wear it.
Now that you checked both links and found that your KN95 is on neither pages, what should you do? First, if it is a reputable brand like 3M, their KN95s don't need to be on that list. But even 3M has fakes that you should be careful about when purchasing online, we'll get to that briefly later. On the packaging of the masks, make sure there are -at the very least- manufacturer’s details like addresses, telephone number and especially the grade of the mask written on the boxes such as: GB2626, YY 0469, ASTM F2100, EN14683, etc. Not sure what grade yours is? Check them here3.

There are far too many online sources selling different kinds of masks, claiming different things. Have you fallen prey into these kind of “scam marketing claims”? Unless you work in the medical field, are extremely cautious or a mask aficionado, you probably have. What are “scam marketing claims” you ask? They are basically false claims to try to get you to believe in how amazing the products are. They can claim the products are made in a first world country like the US or Japan, the (false) science behind their products, their faked research and test data… the list goes on... just to make you pay them your hard earned money for something which is way less than what they claim to be.

Now that you know, what can you do? Buy reputable brands from reputable sources, but ultimately make sure you know how to spot real from the fakes. There are tons of advice or videos on how to spot for fakes on reputable brands, simply by Googling it. If you’d like to save some money, you gotta put your time into researching, or simply get things from a trusted retailer, supplier or manufacturer!

SHHMC's final thoughts: As a retailer, no matter what we are reselling, it is our duty to make sure they aren’t falsely advertised to our customers. We hope this short read has enlightened you in some ways. Stay safe and stay woke!

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